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The group was originally formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, as a tribute to Charlie Parker and his music. Today Marmaduke has evolved into a Bop' Celebration playing music by several other composers including originals by the group members.
The members of this group do not see 'bop' as a permanently established & solid form of music that they're trying to imitate; they are rather convinced that there is a lot more to explore in the field of bop' and they will do so through their own very personal musical art.

Marmaduke is:

Fredrik Lindborg, born in Sthlm 1979. Fredrik grew up to the sound of his fathers jazzrecords, and inspired by giants like Sonny Rollins he soon began playing himself. Today he is - apart from working with marmaduke- leading his own jazzquartet under his name.

Matti Ollikainen was born in 1973 in Ullatti, a small town in the far north of Sweden. He was as a child already a virtuoso at the piano. Besides playing jazzmusic Matti works with a wide range of blues artists. Together with bassplayer Victor Furbacken he formed the avantguarde group 'Franska Trion' a few years ago.

Victor Furbacken, from Jönköping was born in june 1982. At 3 years old he moved with his family to France where he spent most of his youth. A constantly curious and challenging mind finally led him to art, music and the Acoustic Bass.

Samuel Olsson, born in 1974 in Sunne, Värmland, is the group's trumpeter but also a talented bassist. Sam came to Gothenburg during 1996 and has since then been - among other bands- a steady member of the 'Bohuslän Big Band'. Mr. Olsson has 3 brothers, all musicians, and he really likes to Jam.

Göran Kroon, was born in 1966 and grew up in Växjö.
He studied orchestral percussion at the university of music of Gothenburg. He soon began to tilt towards jazz and improvised music playing with bands like 'Änglaspel' and 'Bohuslän Big Band'.

All bandmembers live in Gothenburg except Fredrik Lindborg who lives in Stockholm.



Photographer: © Ola Kjelbye


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Photographer: © Ola Kjelbye


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